De Carlo

Country: Italy
Region: Apulia
Location: Bitritto
Type of Farming: Conventional
Most recent Flos Olei ranking 98/100

About De Carlo

The heritage of the De Carlo family in the olive oil cultivation dates back to the 16th century and its first awards to 1901. The farm is located near Bari in Apulia, a region overlooking the Adriatic and Ionian seas which has been inextricably associated with the production of olive oil.

In the 1980s, the De Carlos decided to promote the fine quality of their oil by making it known around the world. They soon succeeded in establishing themselves on the national and international markets. In the firm belief that the development of the company was not incompatible with the long tradition implicit in the De Carlo name, the mill was moved to its current site, where it is periodically updated with technologically advanced equipment whilst still preserving its traditional origins.

The company has been managed by Saverio and Grazia De Carlo since 1980, accompanied over recent years by their children Marina and Francesco and their son-in-law Arturo. The new generation, who all share the same passion, inherited from their parents, have developed a company policy focused on a short supply chain (most of the raw materials are sourced from their own fields), top quality, great flavour and the very highest levels of customer satisfaction

Recent Awards & Reviews

2016: 3 Foglie award for Tenuta Arcamone, 2 Foglie award for Tenuta Terre di Mossa, 2 Foglie award for Felice Garibaldi

2016: Gold Medal for Felice Garibaldi

2016: Extra Gold Medal for Tenuta Arcamone

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