Finca Duernas

Country: Spain
Region: Andalusia
Location: Córdoba
Type of Farming: Conventional
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About Finca Duernas

Finca Duernas is located near Córdoba, a region whose links to the olive oil production date back to the Phoenician times. It produces an extra virgin olive oil that is grown, pressed and bottled in its own facilities. Both the olive grove and the oil press are located on the Duernas Estate. Which has been in the Serrano-López family for generations and is currently led by Soledad and Josemaría Serrano-López

The farm has implemented an organic agricultural system that strives for sustainability, the enhancement of soil fertility and biological diversity, whilst prohibiting the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides and genetically modified organisms. This allows it to offer the consumer clean, safe and healthy extra virgin olive oils full of aromas and nutritional benefits.

An equal focus is given to the human resources, via a combination of training and recognition. As a result, at Finca Duernas, there are sagas of families that for generations feel entwined with the farm and with the Serrano-Lopez family. The farm is also a founding member of QvExtra, an association of international producers promoting the highest quality standards for extra virgin olive oils.

Recent Awards & Reviews

2016 Gold Medal

2014 Gold Medal

Certified since 2015

Certified since 2014

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