Country: Tunisia
Region: Mornag
Location: Djebel Ressas
Type of Farming: Type of farming Ecological
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About Medolea

Medolea is a boutique olive farm located at the foothills of Djebel Ressas, an 800 meters high mountain 30 kilometers from Tunis. In this region, hot dry summers and cool winters are combined with underground water resources to ensure perfect conditions of cultivation.

When Cecilia Muriel and Mustapha Ben Aicha decided to start an olive mill it was with the idea of producing a high quality olive oil in small quantities which would be enjoyed by friends and connoisseurs. Quality olive oil is not a given, even in the southern Mediterranean. The farm produces medolea olive oil from an organic grove, with an abundance of patience, pleasure and passion. Although often under difficult circumstances, this labor of love is always done with the intention of supporting the local agriculture, craftsmanship, community, and, especially, the local women.

The olives from the Chétoui variety (the most common one in the North of Tunisia) are harvested between Mid-November and Mid-December, by soft brushing the branches by hand. This traditional method of harvesting protects the trees and their fruit and guarantees a very high quality olive oil. The olives are harvested by the same pickers every year. They live in close proximity to the olive grove and have seen and taken part in its development for many years. A small mill equipped with modern extraction machines has been built in the middle of the grove to ensure a swift processing immediately after the harvest. Medolea Extra Virgin Olive Oil is characterised by its fresh, intensive fruity taste that ends on a mild-piquant note. It has excellent sensory characteristics, low acidity, a high portion of polyphenols, as well as a pure smell.

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Mario Solinas - 2014 Gold Medal

2013 Gold Medal

2013 Gold Medal

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