Reserva Familiar Arbequina

Type: Extra Vigin Olive oil
Fruitiness: Mild
Country: Spain
Region: Jaén, Andalusia
Farming Varieties: Conventional
Olive Varieties: Arebquina
Date of harvest: Late October / Early November
Format: 2.5 L0.5 L


2 Great Taste Star winner, an exceptional mild oil from Andalusia by award-winning Oro Bailen, ideal for salads and fish

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Oro Bailen
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Reserva Familiar Arbequina is second grand cru of Oro Bailen one of the world’s 3 best olive oil mills in 2017.

Produced in the world’s capital of olive oil, Jaen in Andalusia, at the foothills of the Sierra Morena. The climate in this area is largely determined by the peculiar structure if the valley, which thanks to its ocean opening, allows cloud masses to enter crossing the corridor from West to East aided by the dominant winds and causing important rainfalls during the Spring and Autumn.

The oil is produced from the picual olive variety in 2 farms which are fully irrigated, offering a spectacular stability in quality and quantity. It is extracted at low temperatures within 2 hours of the harvest which typically takes place late October to early November, at the peak in the pica’s quality. It is subsequently filtered and stored in a temperature controlled environment with an inert gas. This process helps to preserve the oil at its highest taste.


Reserva Familiar Arbequina won a gold medal at the London International Olive Oil Competition 2017 as well as 2 Great Taste star by the Guild of Fine Foods. Commenting on Reserva Familiar Arbequina,  the Great Taste judges said :”Gorgeous colour, with a real vibrancy and a wonderfully intense aroma of fresh grass, and some almond notes. Very smooth texture with a lovely butteriness. The flavour delivers lots of pepper, grass and green apple – very well balanced, and a good depth of flavour. A really lovely oil, and the judges thoroughly enjoyed it.”


It is a mild premium extra virgin olive oil, which is particularly well suited for salads and fish.

Oro Bailen ranks is one of the most awarded olive oil producers in the world and has received a score of 98/98 by Flos Olei, the international olive oil guide.

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Sensory Profile

Aroma: Aromas of green grass and wheat interspersed with the fruity notes which are characteristic of arbequino, almond, apple and ripe banana.


Taste: Smooth and delicate, then slightly bitter and light with a notable spicy presence. It is harmonic with an almond aftertaste.