Fennel and radish m’hamsa salad

Fennel and radish m’hamsa salad

This fennel and radish salad with m’hamsa salad is one of our favourite healthy dinner options. It is very simple to prepare and doesn’t take more than 20 minutes. We like its crispy taste and its crunchy structure from the combination of the large m’hamsa grains with the fennel and radish. It is a perfect illustration of the Mediterranean cuisine and the importance of very tasty ingredients.

Recipe details

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Ingredients (for 4 persons)

1 large fennel bulb

1 bunch of radishes

40g of Moulins Mahjoub preserved lemons

2 table spoons of Reserva Familiar Picual extra virgin olive oil by Oro Bailen

1 pinch of salt and pepper

a few mint leaves

1 tin of tuna

100g of m’hamsa hand-rolled sundried organic couscous

Preparation / METHOD

  1. Wash the radishes and fennel throughly. Remove leaves and slice off the roots
  2. Boil the m’hamsa for 5 minutes for an al-dente taste.  Drain it and add half a table spoon of extra virgin olive oil. Mix it well to keep the m’hamsa airy. Let the m’hamsa cool
  3. Cut the fennel and the radishes in small pieces. Try using the fennel leaves if available
  4. Cut the mint leaves and the preserved lemons into small pieces
  5. Squeeze the juice of the lemon and mix it with the mint, salt and pepper and the remaining extra virgin olive oil
  6. When the m’hamsa is cold, mix it with the fennel, radish, preserved lemons and the vinaigrette
  7. Decorate with the remaining mint leaves and tuna

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