French sauces Box by Chef Julien Allano

Type: Fine foods
Country: France
Region: Provence
Farming Varieties: Conventional
Olive Varieties:
Date of harvest:


The sauces gift box combines the special selection of sauces prepared by Julien Allano for aix&terra.

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The sauces gift box combines the special selection of sauces prepared by Julien Allano for aix&terra. Julien is the Michelin starred chef of the “Au clair de la plume” restaurant in Grignan, in the heart of the Drôme region in Souther France. As a neighbour, friend and godfather to aix&terra he joins Marina Alibert and his teams to develop new recipe. The chef shares with Aix the same passion for the fruits and vegetables of Provence, the local agricultural products from which they draw their inspiration. aix&terra and Julien Allano have taken their partnership to a new level by creating a range of Sauces & Condiments called “Julien Allano by aix & terra ».

The beautiful red gift box is includes the Parmesan sauce with lemon from Menton , the smoked carrot ketchup  and the Caramel & Spices.

The Parmesan cream sauce with lemon from Menton is one of the latest creations of Julien Allano, the Michelin starred chef, for aix & terra . It is a delicious recipe bringing together flavours of the Provence with one of the most famous Italian cheeses.It can be used on raviolis, of French ravioles or with risotto. It could also be served on a toast for an original apéritif.

The caramel & spices sauce is an original recipe prepared for aix&terra by Michelin starred chef Julien Allano from the Au Clair de La Plume restaurant in Grignan. The hand-made sauce is delicious on red meat or a duck breast.

The carrot ketchup is slightly smoked, it is delicious on chicken, meet and fish. An interesting combination is a roasted chicken stuffed with the eggplant dip, enjoyed with the carrot ketchup.

aix & terra is located on the famous nationale 7, one of the most culinary destinations of the Provence. The company was founded by Richard and Marina Alibert. From a passion for taste and natural produce, the couple swapped their Parisian life for a beautiful gastronomic adventure. Together with Julien Allano, they partnered up with small fruit and vegetable producers to develop original recipes to bring you the best cuisine  from the South of France.

Sauces gift box by Michelin starred chef Julien Allano is an ideal gift whether for Christmas or other special occasions.

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Sensory Profile

Caramel & spices sauce

This caramel sauce throws the taste buds into a taste frenzy; strong fruity but tart taste from the Balsamic vinegar, caramel sweetness from the refined sugar, and spicy overtones from the pink pepper, curry, cumin and anis spices.

Carrot ketchup

Rich and creamy this Ketchup is busting full of sweetness from the carrorts with a kick from herbs and spices with a lightly smoked taste.

Parmesan Lemon Sauce

This Parmesan cream sauce with lemon is a light and zesty sauce. Busting with the taste of fresh lemons from Menton, the rich yet salty Parmesan cheese and the silkiness of the olive oil make this a simple taste sensation.

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