Tunisian Gourmet Gift Box

Type: Extra Vigin Olive oilFine foods
Region: Tebourba
Region: Mornag
Farming Varieties: Organic
Olive Varieties:
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The Tunisian organic Gift Box brings together the ambassadors of the Tunisian taste.

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The Tunisian organic Christmas Gift Box brings together the ambassadors of the Tunisian taste. It includes the award-winning organic extra virgin olive oil of Domaine Fendri from the Centre to Tunisia. It is a mild premium extra virgin olive oils produced from the cold extraction of hand-picked chemlali olives from the region of Sidi Bou Zid.

The second most important ingredient of Tunisian cuisine is Harissa. Moulins Mahjoub’s interpretation of it, follows the traditional recipe from Nabeul as paste with a slightly smoked and a strong savoury flavour umami taste. In addition, the box includes shak-shuka, a delicous mild recipe made with tomatoes and peppers, which can be served as side or cooked with eggs or merguez.

We have also included two rare varieties of olives, the small and soft black sahli olives and the larger green meski olives with a firm flesh.

All products are organic and produced with traditional farming methods.

The Tunisian Organic gift box is an ideal present for Christmas or any special occasions for chefs and passionate cooks looking to discover new cuisines.

To learn more about our producers, visit the artisans Domaine Fendri & Moulins Mahjob

Tunisian Organic Gourmet Christmas Gift Box Contains:

1 Les Moulins Mahjoub ORGANIC Harissa Spread 185g

1 Les Moulins Mahjoub ORGANIC Shak-Shuka 200g

1 Natural ORGANIC Meski Olives & Garlic & Wild Herbs (organic) 125g


1 ORGANIC Domaine Fendri EXTRA VIRGIN Olive Oil

Sensory Profile

Les Moulins Mahjoub Natural Sahli Olives

Native to Tunisia, these tiny, dark, violet-coloredolives are hand-picked, placed in natural brine, and allowed to soak for 9 months. The resulting olives have a firm flesh and light salt content. Their flavor is rich and buttery, earning them their reputation as a favorite among table olives and ideal Christmas Season fare.

Les Moulins Mahjoub Harissa Spread

In this organic version of the famous Tunisian condiment, sundried ground chili peppers are blended with garlic, cardamom, salt, extra virgin olive oil and spices to create a hearty spread that adds smoky heat to almost any dish. This all natural with no additives or artificial ingredients.

Les Moulins Mahjoub Shak-Shuka

Shak-Shuka is a traditional North African dish of highly seasoned tomato sauce that is typically enjoyed with eggs. Three simple ingredients (tomatoes, peppers, and onions) are lovingly cooked down into a flavorful sauce that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This would make an ideal Christmas morning breakfast treat of oven baked eggs with tomato sauce, baked beans, onions, red capsicum and mozzarella, spiced with cumin & pepper.

Natural Meski Olives & Garlic & Wild Herbs (organic)

These plump green olives known are for their meaty flesh and are native to Tunisia. Each olive is individually cracked to ensure even curing in a natural brining process, which uses traditional methods taking up to nine months. Once they are cured, the olives are bottled in Mahjoub Extra Virgin Olive Oil, garlic, thyme, and rosemary.

Domaine Fendri Olive Oil

BIOL Gold Medal winner 2017, a mild organic chemlali olive oil, very easy to use for cooking or as a dressing for any dish.

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